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What are you manifesting in this season of your life?

We know that the right now can send you on a roller coaster of ups and downs. Juggling the issues going on in our community, family, faith, and work can take a huge toll on your mental, spiritual, and physical health. How are you dealing with the challenges that are coming up against you?...

We had to take some time to manifest a few things for ourselves and that process looks different for everybody...You may need to unplug from a few people or from things that distract you to truly focus on what it is you need to manifest for yourself. But it is through manifesting the positive that you see for your life when change truly happens.

Don’t take what you let come out of your mouth lightly because there is truly power in your tongue. Speak life and not death over yourself and those around you and watch what God can do! Manifest who you want to be, where you want be, and how you want to get there!


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