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Nikia Jack

Founder & CEO , PMS | PardonMySparkle


Nikia Jack is a motivator, creative, and the visionary behind PardonMySparkle. She creates and reinforces the message that every woman is powerful and beautiful and should exude confidence and poise in her life. 


PardonMySparkle is a women's empowerment lifestyle brand that reinvigorates and rebuilds confidence in women.We believe that all women have a certain zest and possess exceptional qualities that make them shine.


Using fashion and glamour as a vehicle of expression to take us beyond the walls that confine us; We encourage women to explore what it truly means to sparkle in their own way and feel confident in every area of their lives. 

Black and White Portrait


It is our vision to inspire women of color and their communities so that they can feel  confident and empowered in being who they truly are. In times like these, it is important for us to come together as we take action and invoke change. To help drive the conversation around these issues and their impact, PardonMySparkle will be launching a series of virtual discussions entitled, "It's Okay to not be Okay".

We will continue to provide support and education for women to ensure their well-being and mental health. We remain committed to our values and our mission and pledge to take action against all forms of discrimination and biases. We stand against injustice and we stand with our community to bring change to our world. 


Nikia Jack

Founder & CEO, PMS | PardonMySparkle

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