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3 Ways to Overcome Being a Dream Killer

You've identified that you may be a Dream Killer and you reading this post is the first step to overcoming the habits associated with this behavior. We have all experienced a moment in time where we have viewed ourselves to be less than or questioned the journey of success we are on and the many roadblocks we may be facing. It can sometimes be challenging to encourage yourself to keep going on the road less traveled, let alone encourage others around you to pursue their own dreams.

This internal battle of playing the negative and positive tug-o-war of where you are in life and why you can't be happy for those in your circle can be solved. We've listed three ways for you to check out of the dream killer hotel and check into chasing your own dreams again:

1) Eliminate negative thoughts

Be sure to check the things you are letting soak into your spirit and eliminate the outlets that only encourage negativity. Keep in mind that these outlets may be the very people in your circle and social platforms we adore so much. Identify your power five, as noted by Jim Rohn, and surround yourself with a group positive thinkers to help you produce positive thoughts. Replacing these items of negativity will help you begin to see the light of positivity again.

2) Identify your insecurities

Have you had a heart to heart with yourself? Your insecurities are created by a lack of confidence and uncertainty about how you see yourself. Take some time to write down the things that make you feel insecure about who and where you are currently.

Getting these thoughts out of your head and onto paper will help you process how your past experiences have created your insecurities. Remember that your mind is a powerful tool that can cause you to question your purpose and who you are as a person. We encourage you to incorporate positive affirmations into your routine to help rebuild your thinking.

3) Trust the process

Each one of us has our own process to go through. Don't compare yourself to what you see on social media and what may be going on around you. Trust the process that has been laid out for you. Do what makes you happy and what brings you joy because your dreams are important and can even change the world. Be encouraged and know that you do have a purpose and your dreams are apart of who you are. You were brought to this very moment for a reason so go for it and don't give up on yourself!


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