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Dream Chasers & Dream Killers: Which one are you?

In this new age of business, our surroundings are ideal to what your dreams can become and the tools you utilize to make them happen. While you may be busy chasing your dreams there is a dream killer in your midst! On your pursuit to live out the dream you once had as a child or the newly found passion you set to turn into your dream job, there are people waiting to see you fail.

They sniff out your excitement and joy and regurgitate negatives on how your dream won’t work or why they think you shouldn’t do it. This my friends is a dream killer. Dream killers can and most likely are those closest to you. Like your best friend, family member or significant other. Uprooting a dream killer from your life is so important to your mental, spiritual, and physical health. Have you checked in with yourself to identify which one you are?

Take the quiz below to find out.


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