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Everything you need to know about overcoming your storm

What do you do when you feel like your back is against the wall and you are drowning in your storm? How do you overcome the challenges that come with being in a storm? We have all been there and have asked ourselves these very questions. We question the why, how, who, what, and the in between to land on the cause of our storm.

In some cases, we even question our faith and sometimes God and we begin to ask the question why. But it is in these very moments that your faith must be unwavering. Being able to stand on that foundation will help bring you out of where you stand.

We've listed some tools here that will help you overcome your storm and come out victorious.

1. What have you told your storm lately?

While it may sound funny, speaking to your situation changes the way you think and move. When we dwell on the negative we reap negativity. Identify where you have let your storm get the best of you and take control of your thoughts.

2. Command your storm to pass

The power of life and death is in your tongue. If you believe it and claim it, it will be so. Mind your thoughts and your mouth, so that your commands speak directly to your storm. Get Specific. Tell your storm that it has to pass and that it can't last.

3. Let go and let God

While going through your storm you may come to a point where you have physically done all you can. And you may even feel like you have given up but it is at this time that you just have to let go and let God have his way. Remember that he didn't bring you to this point to leave you.


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