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3 Ways to Find Your Inner Peace

Are you at peace with you? I know, I know…Another question to add to the current train of thoughts going through your head right now.

But seriously, with everything going on it’s important that you are able to ground yourself and be still to search for what brings you peace.

Here are 3 Ways to help you slow down and find the peace within:

Identify the factors in your life that disturb your inner peace

Most times we already know what or who has drove a wedge in between your happiness with yourself. Eliminate those things or issues that pull you in the opposite direction of how you see yourself obtaining inner peace. Of course, every factor may not always be something we can walk away from. If this is you, remember that speaking up is therapy and discussing how you feel and coming up with solutions with an ally, friend, or professional is completetly okay too.

Identify what peace looks like for you

Every single one of us was made to be unique. Which means we all may have different views on what peace really looks like for us. Take 3 minutes or more to document what inner peace looks like for you. It could mean sitting in silence with your eyes closed or taking a walk while listening to your favorite podcast or song. Whatever your moment of peace looks like, don't be afraid to block time off for you and execute on how you see yourself living in peace.

Take Action to create an environment of peace daily

"A goal without a plan is just a wish". Once you identify what your moment of peace looks like, ACT! In order for you to achieve the peace you desire, you will have to be consistent in taking the actions needed to create that environment daily. This step is crucial in achieving your optimal level of inner peace and will require you to be strong mentally to be successful.

Remember we are not perfect, so if you don't succeed at first, don't give up and try again. Your inner peace awaits.


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